Areo at the Dreams 2 spectacle

This spectacle of water, light and sound, produced by Global Dreams


The magnificent macro-event "Dreams 2, Reflections of the Soul, brought together 12,000 people at the Palacio de los Deportes of the Madrid Autonomous Community. The sound reinforcement was accomplished using D.A.S. Aero line array powered systems. , is the only large format show that has been entirely designed and produced in Spain. A team of professionals from the field of scenic arts designed this ambitious projectl under the direction of Fermín Pérez. This multidisciplinary show uses water as its main element and serves as the backdrop for this "autumn night´s dream". 900,000 litres of water were used all along the stage along with 450 artists in a show which compares only to works by Le Cirque du Soleil.

The sound reinforcement, so important in an event of these characteristics, needed to cover the requirements of quantity as well as those of quality. Global Dreams relied on D.A.S. Audio systems under the direction of Jesús Puerto, of the firm "Jesús Puerto Audioprofesional" in charge of the sound design and operation supported by Víctor Catalá, D.A.S. Audio Systems Engineer, as technical advisor. Puerto deployed six Aero line array clusters along the main pavilion's perimeter. Four of these were comprised of two Aero 38A powered line array modules. Five Aero 28A powered arrays were flown from the Aero 38A's using the AX-Combo rigging adaptor. The other two groups were designed to cover the back of the pavilion: one of these arrays consisted of two Aero 38A's and four Aero 28A's suspended below with the last formation consisting of four Aero 38A systems.

Low frequency reproduction was handled by six Aero182A subwoofer systems along with the new LX-218A powered subwoofer system. In order to cover the front-fill, a total of 12 Compact-2 powered systems were installed along the perimeter of the stage. In addition, 20 powered monitors SML-12A and SML 15A units from the D.A.S. Stage Monitors series were also part of the set up.For the on-stage monitoring of this very large stage filled with water, a total of 20 Compact-115 systems were used to cover the various areas where the act "Battle between the Sky and the Ground" took place. The stage and audience area coverage was uniform throughout the different acts of this event that combined dancers, acrobats, singers, musicians, percussionists or extreme sports professionals alternating with light, sound and water.

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