Arenal Sound 2011

D.A.S. Audio sponsored The Arenal Sound Festival for the second year running


The Arenal Sound Festival has become firmly established as one of Spain´s most important musical festivals. Around 160,000 "Sounders" descended upon the Arenal Beach in Burriana (Castellón) from the 4th to the 7th of August to enjoy the performances of national and international artists including Hurts (United Kingdom), The Charlatans (United Kingdom), Vetusta Morla (Spain), Scissor Sisters (United States), The Third Twin (France) and Love of Lesbian (Spain), among others. The performances took place on the various stages set up around the venue, each backed by the D.A.S. Aero Series 2 line array sound systems.

For the second year runningD.A.S. sound systems were installed on the festival's four stages. The D.A.S. Audio Stage was host to the best-attended concerts, at times topping 42,000 festival goers. The sound rental companies Sagarmanta Producciones, Acustic Crom and Alvir Espectáculos were called in by Arenal Sound promoters to provide production support, while Javier Navarro, head of engineering at D.A.S. Audio, and Concert Sound Engineer Joel Damiano led the team responsible for supervising the set up and operation of the sound systems over the course of the festival.

"The experience gained from our participation in last year's event was extremely useful," commented Javier Navarro. "The most difficult challenges faced by the audio systems were the heat and the humidity, as the show run from the early afternoon, when the sun is at its hottest, right through to dawn. Fortunately everything went without a hitch, and the sound was extremely consistent for the whole event".

The formidable amount of equipment deployed at Arenal Sound 2011 included a total of 230 D.A.S Aero Series 2 line array systems and LX powered subwoofers for the PA systems on the four stages. For the performers, fifty stage monitor systems were brought in and set up on the different stages - in short, an impressive sound system with an even more impressive performance.

Due to the size of the area that needed to be covered, the team decided to use Aero 50 large-format line array systems for the main stage named the D.A.S. Audio Stage. Twenty-eight Aero 50 systems flown fourteen per side were assembled along with forty LX-218A powered high-performance subwoofers ground-stacked in a line at the front of the stage in a cardioid and "virtual arc" configuration.

To provide even coverage all the way back to the audience area which extended over 150 meters, two delay towers, each with eight Aero 50 systems, were erected around 100 metres from the stage. "We wanted to erect the towers about 70 metres away" remarked Joel Damiano, "but emergency exits and a first aid post located in this area forced us to reposition them a bit further back. Even so, the coverage was quite even." Six D.A.S. Aero 12A powered line array systems were also deployed as front-fill for the area directly in front of center stage.

On stage, the varied requirements of the performing artists were met using the new Convert 12A systems which, together with the powerful LX-218A subwoofer units, provided the coverage needed for the sides of the stage. Four Convert 12A´s forming a 60º arc were stacked horizontally on two LX-218A powered subwoofers on each side of the stage. Drum-fill comprised two Convert 12A stacked on a single LX-218A. Twelve D.A.S. Road 12A powered monitors and six Road 15A monitors were installed and arranged depending on the needs of each group.

The sound system deployed for the stage sponsored by Cuban Rum distiller Legendario, was also impressive. A total of twenty-four D.A.S. Aero 12A powered line array systems were set up in two linear formations of 12 units on each side of the stage. Low frequency support was provided by 12 LX-218A subwoofer systems which were ground-stacked in front of the stage in a "virtual arc" configuration.

Aero 8A systems and LX-218A subwoofers were deployed as side-fills for the stage, while a total of 10 D.A.S. Road series powered monitors, eight 12" Road 12A loudspeakers and two Road 15A monitors were used on stage.

On the Desperados Stage which was located directly on the beach, eight Aero 50 systems were flown on each side of the stage. Sixteen LX-218A subwoofers, divided into two groups of 8 units stacked below the stage in a left-right configuration, were deployed for the low frequency support. The front-fill was provided by way of four D.A.S. Convert 12A powered systems covering the audience closest to center stage. All the performers who appeared on this stage had ten D.A.S SM-15A powered stage monitors at their disposal.

The Beach Club zone along with the Coca Cola Stage was basically dedicated to electronic music with the participation of well-known DJ´s. Two linear formations of twelve Aero 12A powered systems were set up on each side of the stage with the support of twelve LX-218A powered subwoofers stacked in a line in front of the stage using a virtual arc configuration. Six ultra-compact Aero 8A powered line array systems were used to provide coverage for the first rows in the central area. D.A.S. Avant 15A and LX-218A subwoofer systems were deployed on each side of the stage as monitors, making sure there was plenty of "punch" for the DJ's.

Providing sound for an event of this size, with simultaneous performances on different sized stages, with a variety of musical genres and audiences is undoubtedly an enormous challenge. Even so, the challenge of working "in the field" in such a demanding event compliments the experience acquired by D.A.S. Audio engineers in the design and manufacture of professional sound systems. The Arenal Sound has become a significant touchstone for D.A.S. Audio enhancing the already firmly-established reputation for excellence that the company and its professional sound systems enjoy worldwide.

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