Arco in The Show Room Café

The systems were supplied and installed by Componentes para el Sonido y la Iluminación, S.L.


The city of Móstoles, just outside Madrid has one of the most extensive leisure offerings in Spain. One the latest to join the list of popular locales is the Show room Café. A modern exponent of how different facets of entertainment can be combined in one single venue. In a warm friendly setting and exquisitely decorated by its owners, the café, offers magnificent cuisine, a select musical atmosphere as well as live performances.The D.A.S sound systems are an important part of the venue's fully equipped facilities. On this occasion, the new Arco 24 systems from the Arco series have been used. The systems were supplied and installed by the sound and lighting company "Componentes para el Sonido y la Iluminación, SL.". Eight Arco 24 systems were distributed throughout the different areas of the café, along with a D.A.S. Sub 15F subwoofer system for low frequency reinforcement. Power supply was handled with three D.A.S. PS-800 amplifiers from the PowerPro series. The installation was topped off with a D.A.S. EQ-215 dual channel, 15 band equalizer.The Arco 24 is a two way system in a compact, high impact ABS enclosure and, as in this case, is ideal for background music applications. They are also used for the audiovisual units installed in the café and used to broadcast sports or musical events that are widely accepted among the young crowd. Their modern and simple design adapts perfectly to any type of surrounding. The adjustable wall/ceiling supports make these systems easy to set up and practical.On the occasions when the café offers live performance shows, a bass reinforcement system is required. "Componentes" suggested the use of a D.A.S. subwoofer unit Sub 15F, which provides the needed frequency response 40 HZ to 125 Hz. These shows include performances of soloists, singer/songwriters, bands offering varied music styles and stand-up comedians, which has now been included in the circuit of clubs which form part of the famous and successful "New Comedians" show from the Paramount comedy channel. To enjoy a drink, savor a fancy meal, watch an exciting sports event or a magnificent live performance are interesting options, the Show Room Café, offers its regular clients.The café's friendly atmosphere, its magnificent installations, which include a complete D.A.S. sound system, and the kind manner in which the customers are treated, are all reasons to keep this place in mind when deciding where to go, on a well deserved, night out.

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