AmericanAirlines Arena

AmericanAirlines Arena expands D.A.S. Audio loudspeaker presence




  Located along Miami’s scenic Biscayne Bay, AmericanAirlines Arena is home to the NBA Champion Miami Heat basketball team while also serving as a leading venue for concerts and a variety of other attractions. With a seating capacity of 19,600 that can be tailored to the nature of the event, this multi-tier facility attracts a lot of visitors. When the time came to replace the arena’s aging upper delay ring and outdoor perimeter area loudspeaker systems, the HEAT Group (the company responsible for facility maintenance, upgrades, etc.) elected to install Artec and Avant series loudspeakers from D.A.S. Audio.

Dave Vickery, Director of Broadcast Services, and Jorge Arronte, Manager of Sound and Matrix, are the two HEAT Group staffers tasked with designing, deploying, and overseeing the use of the various audio and video systems at AmericanAirlines Arena. After careful review, Vickery elected to place 30 D.A.S. Artec-26TW-IP-54 loudspeakers, ten Artec-28TW-IP-54 loudspeakers, and twenty Avant-15A systems throughout the arena. The Artec loudspeakers used on this project were custom designed for use at AmericanAirlines Arena, with the long term goal of becoming new additions to D.A.S. Audio’s Artec product line. These loudspeakers employ fiberglass enclosures and both models are transformer-based systems.

Vickery discussed his decision to utilize D.A.S. Audio’s Artec and Avant series loudspeakers, “We needed a new solution to replace our aging upper delay ring loudspeaker system as well as our outdoor perimeter area. Having previously worked with D.A.S. through rental companies in addition to our purchase of modified Aero 28A’s for the scoreboard loudspeaker system, we elected to discuss our requirements with the company. We tested loudspeaker systems from various manufacturers and found the D.A.S. products fit our needs perfectly.”

Inside the arena, Vickery, Arronte and their crew originally deployed sixteen black D.A.S. Audio Avant 15A loudspeakers in the upper seating areas. Recently, the decision was made to add an additional four enclosures to further reinforce coverage throughout this area. According to Vickery, “The Avant 15A’s are cable hung using custom mounts that allow for periodic rising for maintenance or servicing. All twenty loudspeakers are hung from the upper catwalk that covers the entire inner perimeter of the upper arena bowl. We chose the Avant 15A’s for their high quality sound, intergraded power amplifier, and their ability to blend in nicely with the main audio cluster arrays.”

With the new loudspeaker systems up and running, Vickery and Arronte report everything is performing well and patrons have noticed the difference, “The installation of the Artec speakers has proven to be a success in all aspects. They sound great! We have received “HEAT-Fan” complements regarding the quality of audio and the ability to comprehend what is being played through them. This product accurately reflects our 5-star goals for our patrons. We are very happy with the improved sound performance and look forward to working with D.A.S. going forward.”

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