Alicante Puerto Salida

D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems at the departure for the Volvo Ocean Race 


D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems made quite a splash at the departure point for the Volvo Ocean Race, the "Alicante Puerto de Salida". The sound for all the scheduled shows, concerts and entertainment for the introduction and launch of the prestigious regatta was provided by D.A.S. professional audio systems.

The latest generation of D.A.S professional sound systems was installed to provide the best possible quality sound for this exciting celebration, both in the designated areas at the Port of Alicante itself as well as in the "Race Village". This more than 40,000 square metre space for entertainment and sport was the focal point for the presentation of teams, a number of concerts, and the opening of the regatta.

In the Race Village's public spaces, 84 Factor 12TW professional outdoor systems were installed in compliance with the rigorous IP-54 regulation, which controls the systems' weather resistance capacities, including the gear's ability to withstand adverse weather conditions, dust and water. These white-coloured systems blended seamlessly with the white posts that were set up like masts at the Race Village.

The concerts - held at the Port of Alicante's Pier 12 between 14 October and 4 November - included performances by artists and groups such as Seguridad Social, José Mercé, Carlos Jean, Los Delinqüentes and Amaral, among others. Professional sound technicians installed the renowned self-powered D.A.S. Aero Series 2 Systems as the main sound system for these musical acts. Cutting-edge D.A.S. Road stage monitors were also set up on the stages to cover the needs of the various acts.

Finally, it's no small detail that none other than His Royal Highness Felipe Prince of Asturias attended the regatta kick-off on 5 November. It speaks to the scale of this series of sailing races: six participating teams, sailing a total of almost 40,000 nautical miles through the most treacherous of seas, passing through ten ports of call all over the world to complete the different legs of the race. D.A.S. Audio was proud to make its small contribution alongside other large companies by collaborating on the different events held at the Port of Alicante to mark the launch of the Volvo Round the World Race.

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