Alhambra Lounge Music

Fuerteventura's Alhambra Lounge Music pumps it up with D.A.S.


Caleta de Fueste in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) is a surfer and holiday paradise where the sun shines for over 300 days a year. The development guarantees days of sand and surf and nights of good food and entertainment to the thousands of tourists who flock to the island for their holidays. Once the sun goes down locals and internationals meet at Alhambra Lounge Music, a club that boasts two unique spaces—one a more traditional indoor club and the other a covered terrace that provides the perfect blend of music and beautiful weather—and who has recently upped its game by installing a new D.A.S. Audio professional sound reinforcement system.

The install was led by local company Audio Luz Canarias, who designed a set-up in line with Alhambra’s modern edge that would equip the venue with a robust sound system that provides a distinct musical appeal. Audio Luz technicians relied on the powerful D.A.S. Artec series of products, rolling out four Artec 26 units and another four Artec 25 models for the club’s main indoor space. The system’s punch is of maximum importance in this main clubbing area and four D.A.S. RF-118 subwoofers were installed to perform the crucial task of low frequency support. All these systems were driven by a combination of two D.A.S. D-10 amps, a third D-20 amp and monitored by a D.A.S. DSP-2060 digital signal processor.

The covered terrace, geared toward guests looking for a less music-dominant experience, posed a different set of challenges for the sound team. Audio Luz opted to install D.A.S. Arco systems for Alhambra’s open-air space, rigging eight Arco 4 systems and two Arco 12 Sub subwoofers to cover the area. Signal amplification was taken care of by two of the rugged D.A.S. PS-400 stereo amplifiers and a D.A.S. DSP-26 digital signal processor worked as the control center for the entire system.

With the installation of the new D.A.S. sound systems Alhambra Lounge Music offers clubbers two completely unique musical experiences that, while catering to a range of tastes, share a common thread: D.A.S. sound systems that deliver on their guarantee of high quality sound and add to the attraction of one of Fuerteventura’s premier night spots.

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