Alex Campos in Concert with Aero

This event has become a reference for the country


As part of his 2007 tour, Colombian singer Alex Campos was in concert in the state of Carabobo in Venezuela. The Bartolomé Salom International Airport in Puerto Cabello was the venue for this event which drew a crowd of more than 40.000 thousand spectators which were delighted by the magnificent sound of the D.A.S. Audio's powered Aero line array systems. The Venezuelan sound rental company "Sonido TV. Peter's Life C.A." provided the sound reinforcement for this event. The firm recently purchased the Aero systems from the company "Ilardo Audio Systems", D.A.S. distributor in the area. The main P.A. was comprised of 16 Aero 38A systems flown eight per side of the stage. Eight Aero 28A systems (four per side) were used as downfill for front row coverage. The systems were flown below the Aero 38A using the AX-Combo rigging frame. 16 Aero 182A 2K powered subwoofers were installed below the stage.

The Venezuelan firm installed four Aero 28A and two Aero 215 powered subwoofer systems on stage as side-fills. One Compact 115 system and one Aero 215A and were used as drumfill, offering an excellent bass response. On stage monitoring was handled with eight powered SML-15A, providing the performer with a precise stage reference.All the technical data needed for the coverage prediction and placement of the system was determined using EASE Focus. The acoustic simulation program can be downloaded from the D.A.S. web site.

Two 110 KVA generators, one for audio and the other for lighting provided the power necessary to run the show. Avelicio Vidal, Manager of "Sonido TV. Peter's life C.A." stated, "We have fulfilled the goals that the organization wanted and have outranked any other company on the market. Presently, we are a national reference for the celebration of Christian events with international groups."

and confirmed by many to be the best concert by this Christian group ever. Alex Campos, Leader of "Misión Vida" (Mission Life), was born on the 10th of September of 1976 in Bogotá, Colombia. Thanks to his Pop-Rock style he has managed to reach his country's youth with his music and challenged them to learn about God in a different way. After his music project "Tiempo de la Cruz" (Time of the Cross), he has hit the number one lists of the secular radio stations in his country with his song "Me robaste el Corazón" (You stole my heart).

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