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Fluge teamed up with D.A.S. to provide the systems for the Alejandro's latest tour









With a total of three Grammy Awards and sixteen Latin Grammies, Alejandro Sanz is one of the world’s most internationally renowned artists. A singer, songwriter and the composer of all his songs, he has sold more than 22 million albums. With  15 albums published, including 11 studio recordings, it is remarkable that all of his works have gone platinum in Spain, Latin America and the United States.

Providing sound reinforcement for such a prestigious artist is a major responsability. So Madrid based sound reinforcement specialists Fluge was brought in. Fluge, is the “nom de guerre” for Spain´s top company in the events/live sound sector, Industrias Orquestales Group. With over 20 years of experience and 150 employees, the company is equipped with not only the best, but the latest in live entertainment technology.

Fluge teamed up with D.A.S. to provide the systems powering Alejandros´s latest tour. The complete list of D.A.S. products includes Aero 50 three-way line arrays, the new Aero 40A ALASTM Advanced Line Array Systems, LX-218CA powered subwoofers, Convert 15A´s, and Road series powered stage monitors, all of which are on tour with Alejandro Sanz. The standard system configuration for the tour includes 24 Aero 50´s per side for front-of-house, 8 Aero 40A´s per side for out-fills, Convert 15A´s as front-fills, Aero 12A´s as center-fills, one Convert 15A on a LX218CA powered subwofer on each side of the stage for side-fill and  Road stage monitors.

At the console is sound engineer Fernando Díaz, who has been with Alejandro Sanz since the 2001 “El alma al aire” world tour. Díaz  who started his carrer in 1975, has worked with almost all of Spain´s top artists as well international artists such as Chuck Berry, B.B. King, George Michael, Duran Duran, and Sting to name a few. His great attention to detail and meticulous placement of the sound systems have earned him the privilage of being one of Spain´s most sought-after  professionals.

About his experience with the Aero systems, Fernando Díaz comments,  "We had been thinking about trying out the new D.A.S. systems for a while, particularly the Aero 40A´s and Aero 50´s. We came across D.A.S. equipment in a lot of Latin American countries on the last few international tours, especially with Miguel Bosé and Alejandro Sanz, units that were deployed to handle reinforcement duties (delays, side fill, front fill...), but we still needed to work with a top-to-bottom complete system from the brand. What was really was important though, was seeing that this Spanish company had made a name for itself in a tough and competitive market like this in a striking way, something that fills me with pride as a Spaniard after over 30 years of experience on the road with “foreign” systems that seemed to be the only ones of quality available.

As part of Alejandro Sanz’s last "Paraíso Express" tour we got to opportunity to participate in the New Orleans Jazz Festival, one of the most important worldwide in terms of variety and artistic excellence. We found that the sound solution was built on D.A.S. Aero 50 systems from a number of audio companies. Chicago based rental company “Sound of Authority” was in charge of the stage we were assigned and the surprising efficiency and quality that we experienced there made us realize D.A.S. Audio’s spectacular technological progress.

Once again Fluge was called in to manage the sound for Alejandro Sanz’s latest and widely-reclaimed “La Musica No Se Toca” tour and we received a unique proposition-to put a complete D.A.S. system on the last leg of the Spanish tour. There were two major challenges to overcome: first, to match or exceed the system we had been using until then in terms of quality, power, dispersion and effectiveness, and secondly, to ensure that this “made in Spain” system would work flawlessly and meet the highest artistic and technical requirements for such a world-class artist as is Alejandro Sanz.

The results were extremely positive, the D.A.S. systems stood up to the most prestigious audio systems on the international market today, hitting both measured and purely audible values that took us all by surprise. The Aero 50´s remind me of those much-missed compact systems where the punch, warmth and color of certain percussion instruments were “rich” with a deep bass, “robust” and powerfully felt, but at the same time the relationship between the coherence and flow of the mid and high frequencies are one-of-kind: we haven’t come across many systems that require so few significant changes in equalization.

In terms of dispersion and “throw”, it’s worth mentioning that we didn’t have the chance to push the systems to their real limits. We set up in a number of football stadiums and the sound 80-90 meters out was stellar. The system never exceeded 70-80% of its full capacity since the average sound pressure from the systems well exceeded the requirements of each venue.

Expectations were high for the Aero 40As, deployed as out fill. This is a compact, comfortable, lightweight, powered system with extraordinary sound. Given their role we weren’t really able to push them to their full potential, but I can assure you that the systems’ efficiency and quality were another pleasant surprise.

I want to personally thank Alejandro Sanz and RLM production team for their willingness to give these systems a shot. I also want to thank Fluge and D.A.S. Audio, especially Systems Engineer Joel Damiano from D.A.S., for the opportunity that this spectacular experience afforded. I also want to reiterate my unconditional support for projects in which Spanish sound reinforcement technology is represented by an entrepreneurial, effective and cooperative group of people that strives to produce quality.”

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