Aero Success in New York

Alvaro Uribe Velez, President of Colombia, took the stage at the festival


The 27th Colombian Independence Day Festival, organised by the Colombian Civic Center at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, in Queens will certainly go down in history because this year non-other than the country's leader himself took part. , celebrating the 197th anniversary of Colombian Independence and addressed the public with a positive and hopeful speech. D.A.S Audio Aero 48 line array systems were chosen for the sound system at the event which took place on July 20th and drew crowds of over 200,000 people.

The sound reinforcement company E&M Audio from New York, led by Milton Villalona and Edwin Diaz took charge of the production of the festival which was co-produced by Villalona Enterprise. 16 Aero 48 systems, powered by D.A.S. H-4000 amplifiers were installed for the P.A system, eight on each side and low frequency reinforcement was handled by 12 Aero 218 subwoofer systems. The delay system was made up of eight CA-28A modules and four CA-215 bass systems per side. Ramon Franco from D.A.S. affirms, "The organizing committee and Villalona were extremely satisfied with the Aero systems, not to mention all the work put in by the sound engineers, Jr. Brazil and Erick Diaz. D.A.S. was in charge of calibrating and fine-tuning the system".

D.A.S Audio powered systems were also chosen for the stage. Four mid-high range Compact 2 units on top of four CA-215A base units handled side-fill while eight Compact 015 powered systems were installed for the stage monitor system. The systems performed excellently all day, throughout the hours of typical traditional Colombian folk music and salsa provided by local Colombian artists and guest performers who came all the way from Colombia to participate in the festival. For D.A.S. Audio, these celebrations were further confirmation of the worldwide success of its Aero line array systems at any event.

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