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D.A.S. Aero Series 2 systems continue to demonstrate their potential in Argentina





D.A.S. Aero Series 2 professional sound systems continue to demonstrate their potential in the Argentine market with the latest live sound installations conducted by Rosario-based Marti Audio. The company has provided sound solutions for a range of events in recent months, including the Cosquín Festival, the National Apple Festival and the Chaya Festival. Hundreds of thousands of music lovers from La Rioja to Río Negro have enjoyed their favorite artists with top-notch sound provided by systems drawn from the D.A.S. Aero Series 2 product line.

Marti Audio and D.A.S. Audio systems were once again on hand at this year’s 53rd Cosquín Festival held in Argentina’s Córdoba province. Twenty-four large-format Aero 50 line array systems were rolled out for the main PA and were flown on opposite sides of the stage. Sixteen D.A.S. LX-218 subwoofers were paired with the Aero 50s to guarantee low frequency coverage, and the compact powered Aero 8As were brought in for front fill.

The excellent line-up of artists that took the stage at the Cosquín Festival were backed by 12 Aero 12A systems and two LX-218 subwoofer units, divided into equal groups and ground stacked on either side of the stage. Monitor duties were handled by an army of powered 12” and 15” D.A.S. stage monitors from the Stages Monitors and Road series.

Marti Audio rolled out a similar PA system for the National Apple Festival, held in General Roca in the country’s Río Negro province; two linear configurations of 12 Aero 50 line arrays were flown on either side of the stage. Here a total of 24 LX-218 subwoofer systems were deployed for low frequency support and out fill was handled by 12 additional Aero 50 units, while the sound team set up Aero 12A systems to take care of front fill. Side fill tasks were performed by Aero 12A and LX-218 systems and the Road 12As and Road 15As were used as stage monitors. The Marti Audio team also decided to set up 16 Aero 50s in two delay towers located 40 meters out from the stage in order to provide full coverage for the festival’s massive listening area.

The sound set-up at the Chaya festival in La Rioja practically mirrored that at the Cosquín Festival, the only difference being the lack of systems used for out fill. The sound provided by D.A.S. Audio systems and the company led by Ariel Marti has been a constant and continual success at these festivals as well as at other events, where international artists like Sergio Dalma, Rosana, Abel Pintos, Jorge Rojas and Pimpinela, among many others, have taken to the stage.

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