Aero for the Circo Theater

Considered to be the city's most emblematic cultural and local arts venue


The systems installation company "Sound Line S.L." has installed D.A.S. powered Aero line array systems in the Circo Theater located in the city of Albacete. , the company installed 16 powered Aero 28 line array systems comprised of eight CA-28A mid-high line array modules flown on each side of the stage from a height of approximately eight meters and eight CA-215A powered low frequency units.

Sound line also installed D.A.S. powered Dynamics series DS-108A in a smaller venue within the theater to provide sound reinforcement for smaller events open to the public each Tuesday of every week. The Cultural Society of Albacete in conjunction with Royal Conservatory of Music and Dance organizes the diverse events

From the 30th of October to the 13th of November, the Circo Theater hosted the annual International Jazz Festival. The festival brought to Albacete well-known jazz formations such as the Brad Hehldau Trio, Lucky Peterson Blues and offered a closing event that featured the Mike Stern Band, Richard Bona and Dennis Chambers. Coinciding with the festival was a photographic exposition by Javier Marina centered on international jazz greats. Regarding the performance of the Aero systems during the festival, Miguel Angel Zafrilla, director of "Sound Line" remarked, "Everyone who performed was really pleased with the sound and the coverage. We were congratulated by the festivals organizers for providing such an excellent sounding system."

The Circo Theater offers area of 6.005 square meters and has a seating capacity of 945. The theater itself is divided into three basic areas-the foyer, where the coatroom, cafeteria, administrative offices, and rehearsal rooms occupy a surface area of 2,223 square meters. The stage area occupies approximately 2,220 square meters and houses the stage, stage equipment and storage areas. Finally, the third area is made up of the seating area, halls and acess aeas making up another 1,607 square meters. Other areas include the 14 drssibg rooms, an exposition hall and two large rehearsal rooms located in the theater''s basement.

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