Aero For Russian Ice Rinks

This multipurpose is noted for its major league football, basketball and hockey team


Aero line array are the systems of choice for large venue sports projects in Moscow. One of the main destinations for sports lovers: the CSKA stadium, Central Sports Army Club Moscow, confirms this fact. This Russian multipurpose sports center, founded in 1923, is noted internationally for its major league football, basketball and hockey teams. This center celebrates sports events with wide media coverage.

The sound systems required for events of this nature are evidently large-scale sound installations and with that necessity in mind, the club decided to update the sound systems located on the courts. Bossman Ltd., D.A.S. distributor for Russia, was responsible for this project and chose D.A.S. Audio's Aero 38A.powered line array systems. 16 of these units were installed as a central cluster and eight Aero 218 Subs as bass reinforcement. The club's high degree of satisfaction with the D.A.S. line array systems installed previously in the CSKA basketball arena prompted them to confide the installation once again in Bossman Ltd. for the audio installation at the CSKA ice rink. Bossman chose the powered Aero systems by virtue of their light weight, install friendly rigging systems, and excellent performance.

The precise dispersion control of the Aero 38A systems is essential for venues where sound reverberation complicates the intelligibility of messages, as is the case of the CSKA ice rink. Bossman Ltd. installed 16 powered Aero 38A systems, divided into three zones. In the first and second zones they installed two clusters with three Aero 38A units each. A third zone includes a cluster of four powered Aero 38A modules. This configuration and the precise aiming provided by the rigging system offers a uniform coverage throughout the rink. Bossman used the same philosophy in a new ice rink, Skate Ring Mytischi, inaugurated in October of 2007. The inauguration coincided with the celebration of the 85th anniversary of the CSKA sports club. This new complex covers an area of 16,000 square meters.

It is located 14 kilometers from Moscow and has a seating capacity for 9000 spectators. In this installation. Bossman chose a combination of D.A.S. products for the P.A. system. 12 Compact 2 systems plus 48 Aero 28A powered line array modules distributed in clusters of six Aero 28A and two CA-215A for low frequency systems in each cluster. Eight subwoofers 218A 2K handle the extreme low frequency reinforcement. The new sports venue has two hockey rinks, six buffet areas, a restaurant, a bar, six banquet halls and 26 VIP lounges. When the center is not in use for sports events it becomes "the in place" for concerts in the city.

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