Aero Certified Program

Thirty technicians and sound professionals from all over Spain attended the event


D.A.S.´s "Aero Certified" Certification Program was held this past 8 and 9 November at the company´s Valencia headquarters. Approximately thirty technicians and sound professionals from all over Spain attended the event to broaden their theoretical and practical knowledge, with an aim to perfect their work with Aero and Aero Series 2 line array systems.

With Javier Navarro, the company´s Chief Engineer at the helm, the members of D.A.S. Audio´s Engineering Department guided the training sessions. This was demanding program, requiring a high base level of audio knowledge and essential audio tools management skills lending a heightened technical profile to the event.

The program covered a wide range of topics, such as technical concepts of line array systems, the utilization of acoustic prediction programs, measurement of equipment, time alignment, the use of digital processors and cardioid subwoofer configuration, to name a few.

Concluding the two day event, the attendees carried out a practical set-up exercise focused on the planning, assembly and adjustment of a line array system, one of the high points for participants.

The attendees, upon completion of the program, became part of the team of "Aero Certified" professionals with their resumes distributed to the companies worldwide using Aero and Aero Series 2 systems.

The sessions were extremely well-received by the collective of sound professionals in Spain, leading D.A.S. Audio to consider carrying out a new edition of its "Aero Certified" Program in upcoming months. Look for updates on the D.A.S. web site.

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