Aero at the Elblag Art Gallery

Professional sound distributors 'Mega Music Spolka ZO.O." chose the Aero systems


The high level performance of the D.A.S. Audio Aero line array systems in both at fixed and mobile installations is receiving excellent reviews in the professional audio market. The Art Gallery of Elblag, Poland, is one of the latest spaces that have been equipped with these systems.

Professional sound distributors and installers "Mega Music Spolka ZO.O." chose the Aero systems to furnish this emblematic and original art gallery. The building which formerly was the Saint Ferry Church and dates back to the thirteenth century, has been given a new use as an art gallery. Its special architectonic charm makes it the perfect space for jazz, blues and other events.

Yet the same physical attributes that make the venue such a wonderful place to see, negatively affect the sound. The reverberation times and reflections due to the hard surfaces of the church walls, ceiling and floor made it very difficult for the sound technicians. "Mega Music" realized right away the difficulty they would face in trying to solve this problem using conventional sound systems, and after studying different possibilities, they chose the Aero 28A powered line array systems. The PA system was comprised of four CA-28A powered systems - flown per side - along with two Aero 218 Sub units for bass reinforcement. For the PA system control the D.A.S. DSP-26 digital processor was used, a processor that works as an analogical crossover, equalizer, limiter and delay unit.

As Adam Bºaszczyk, director of "Mega Music" remarks: "Thanks to the Aero 28A we were able to direct the acoustic energy only there where we wanted it. We had to avoid columns and walls. Like an every old church that building has a very bad acoustic response. So the only solution was to be ahead with the acoustic wave before the early reflection appears."

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