Aero at the Aqueduct of Segovia

A large stage was installed under the arches of the Aqueduct


Saint John's night shone on its own at the Aqueduct of Segovia in the Plaza de la Artillería. It was the perfect setting for a breathtaking spectacle of light, water, and sound, as the opening ceremony for Segovia patron saint's festivities. . "Jesús Puerto Audioprofesional" provided the Aero 38A line array system sound facilities. At each side of the stage and projected from the ground four self-amplified Aero 38A line array were set, and two Compact 218Sub 2K for the bass frequency were located on the ground.

The firm in charge of the event organization and installation was "Visual Producciones Multimedia" - under the direction of Carlos López - a firm specialized in spectacles design and development. The event was entitled "Segovia, city of water," and it consisted of an spectacle powered by a programmable source, changing color lightning, portable Mac 200, fireworks, laser and sound. All these elements were synchronized with the background sound. The cybernetic sources belonged to the firm "H2o eventos." A total of 24,000 Watts of sound and 70,000 of lightning and screen projections were used, all this summing up to 60,000 Watts of power consumption power from the cybernetic source. Ten installation and live settings technicians were in charge of the event organization.

The opening ceremony was started by the City Hall councillors who accompanied the ladies representing the different town neighborhoods. The Mayor, Pedro Arahuetes appointed the Maids of Honor of the festivities by handing them the ceremonial sash. Following this protocol, ceramist and writer Ignacio Sanz, who was this year's festivities "pregonero" (speaker) took his part in the event. Next, the ceremony continued with the customary "chupinazo" (the firing of a firecracker signaling the festivities officialstart) shot by Arahuetes. Then the audiovisual spectacle took place. The water splashes were not enough to cool off the atmosphere of such a warm Saint John's Night - a night that started with fireworks coming from the heights of the city cemetery, courtesy of Arnal Pirotecnia.

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