Aero at Major Chinese Events

The Qingdao International Beer Festival is one of the most important festivals of China


D.A.S. Aero line array systems have been operating successfully at events covering the globe. Russia, the U.S., India, Argentina-the international acceptance of these systems is impressive. Most recently, information has been received about events in China where once again, the Aero systems were key to the success of the event. The number of impressive events undertaken by D.A.S. clients in China includes both international and national events.

The Qingdao International Beer Festival is one of them. The first Beer Festival took place back in 1991 and is now held once a year on the second weekend of August, and lasts for 16 days. Qingdao is the largest beer production base in China and the Beer Festival provides a great opportunity to show-off the city´s unique characteristics. With a 16-year history, the Qingdao International Beer Festival is now a nationally recognized event, and successfully combines together aspects of tourism, culture and sport, while also playing a valuable role in promoting the economic interests of the city. As one of the most important festivals of China, it has a worldwide reputation and attracts millions of people to take part every year.

In April of 2006 the Qingdao International Beer Festival was praised as the No.1 on the board of ´Top Ten Festivals in China´ in the Exhibition and Conference Annual Meeting of China. Without a doubt, the Mang Mountain festival is the mother of all festivals and attracts tourists from China and abroad. It is the worlds longest dance festival, the world's most colorful event and probably, the worlds biggest carnival.

The Henan Zhengzhou Mang Mountain area is located at the confluence connection area of the middle reaches and downriver of the Yellow River and was the home of the Chinese Yandi and Huangdi Emperors. Sculptures of the two emperors have been made here with the sponsorship of overseas Chinese and it is also an important area for Chinese to return to worship their ancestors. During 2007, a huge funding ceremony was held for government officials, overseas Chinese representatives and other figures from all walks of life, totaling around 500.000 people. During the ceremony, 40 D.A.S. Aero 48 line arrays and 24 Aero 218 subs were used for the main P.A. system. These and other major events such as the The Nanjing Folk Festival are perfect examples China's diverse cultural patrimony and the successful participation of the D.A.S. Aero systems.

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