Aero 8A Timbre

Recently the club has installed the new D.A.S. Aero 8A Active Line Array system


Timbre @ the substation is an outdoor live music bar, well-known for its al fresco setting, great food and rocking live music from some of the best local bands in Singapore. . This installation is part of the collaboration agreement between D.A.S. Audio and the client, Timbre Group.

Having spawned four other outlets with the same concepts (3 being installed with D.A.S. Systems), Timbre @ The Substation is the flagship establishment for Timbre Group. "When we first discussed about the possibility of having a D.A.S. System in this venue, Danny Loong (Chief Creative Director, Timbre Group) and us agreed that we wanted to do something special with this outlet and consequently strength our collaboration and take it to a next level," comments Juan Luis Garcia, Managing Director, D.A.S. Audio Asia.

Helming the project was Ron Koh, Technical Support Representative D.A.S. Audio Asia, together with Sofian A. Manan, the Production Manager of Timbre Group, and Timbre Group Sound Engineers. Since the outlet is operational everyday, Ron and the Timbre team had to complete the installation of the new system in just three days.

The venue's FOH now sports a newly installed truss system with two clusters of Aero 8A active line array elements (flown 6 per side), and 3 LX-215A systems ground stacked in a centre-mono subwoofer configuration. Other D.A.S. Audio speakers installed at Timbre are 5 Avant 12A systems as onstage wedges, with an Avant 12A flown at each end of the front truss and facing out as Side Fills. To complete the system, only one DSP-4080 audio processor is needed for speaker management.

"Our ultra compact Aero 8A line array system was recently launched and we wanted it to be installed in a top live venue for our inaugural installation in Asia, so the decision of using the new products was easily made. It is just perfect for the characteristics of the venue and the high energy performances that occur every night there," says Eduardo López, Business Operations Manager, D.A.S. Audio Asia.

It is not surprising that many venue operators now understand how critical it is with having the right sound system which can make a difference with their business. Ron Koh emphasises on this crucial point, "Having patronised Timbre, I always thought that the previous system didn't bring out the energy of a live band. It was always just bobbing heads and conversations between the patrons. Now, it has become the venue to go for a fun night out. I have started to see people getting up from their seats and dancing, the type of song requests has also changed to more up-tempo numbers. The bands are now more confident and have more showmanship. It wasn't just a change of an audio system - it was a revolution for the venue."

Timbre Production Manager, Sofian A. Manan, explain "We never had such a system to play on. We had a problem where people would book tables at the front of the stage previously as it was the only place that was well-covered. With the new D.A.S. system, customers are always happy when we usher them to their seats. Who would have thought that even coverage brings less seating problems? Also, the stage looks cleaner and more professional. We have been getting more international artistes to perform at Timbre, knowing that the system would be able to deliver."

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