Aero 50 V5.5 presets

D.A.S. Aero 50V5.5 presets and new Aero 50 rack


Over the past few years D.A.S. Audio Aero 50 systems have been handled by hundreds of national and international sound engineers in festivals around the world. After listening to their feedback and combining this with listening tests and a battery of measurments to determine the real effects on the Aero 50s, D.A.S. Audio has updated the presets for the control and digital processing of the Aero 50 systems. The major technical features of the new presets include:

- Modification of the systems HPF cut to 80 Hz, the same as the LX-218 subwoofers.
- Modification of the cross-over slope between the 15” and 8”, offering higher definition for the mid-bass zones while also protecting the 8”.
- Increase in the 8” HPF cut to 200 Hz, which provides higher definition and component protection.
- New EQ for the compression drivers, optimizing energy to further reduce distortion and control protection limiters.
- New approach for adjusting the array as a whole. The previous presets included an HF boost in its curve that acoustically compensated the summing of mids and bass when more units were added. Now, the preset leaves a the response flat for a single cabinet, correcting the system response by way of a low shelving starting at 3 kHz usuable with six (minimum recommended) or more cabinets per side .
- The new Aero 50 V5.5 presets are completely compatible with the three main platforms: D.A.S. DSP-2060A/4080, Powersoft K-6 and Lake LM26/PLM.

Along with the presets D.A.S. Audio has launched the new A50 rack for aero 50 line array systems. This rack includes amplifiers, digital signal processors, power distro and input and output patch panels. Two different configurations are available: the first features three D.A.S. Audio D-100 Class D four channel amplifiers as well as a D.A.S. DSP 2060A digital signal processor. The second is available with six Powersoft K-6DSP AESOP Class D switching power supply amplifiers that incorporate their own digital signal processor.

Download Aero 50 parameters

Download Aero 50 rack manual

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