Aero 48 in Mumbai

The event attracted  a crowd of more than 150,000 people


The Aero line array systems continue to be the sound systems of choice for major events world wide featuring renowned international public figures. On this occasion, Sound & Light Professionals provided the audio system for a multitudinous event that attracted a crowd of more than 150,000 people. Without doubt, a most eagerly awaited event that took place in the K.J Somaiya Grounds at Sion, in Mumbai. The celebration was directed by spiritual master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a renowned speaker, who urges people to embrace love as a philosophy of life, and self-awareness as a means to achieve happiness.

He has been an invited speaker for institutions, forums, governments, and prestigious non-governmental entities. For the past years, he has worked in special consultative status with the World Economic Forum in Davos. Sri Sri Ravi, a three time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, frequent mediator in many international conflicts and founder of The Art of Living, the largest NGO in the world, has been teaching for the past two decades "conscious breathing" techniques or Dudarshan Kriya, for stress and negative feeling relief for "physical renewal." The Art of Living is active in 150 countries and offers workshops in breathing, meditation, yoga and health care and special programs for school violence eradication, prisoner rehabilitation, addicts, terminally ill patients, and disaster risk reduction.

On this occasion, Sound & Light Professionals deployed 16 Aero 48 line array systems, eight per side of the stage, along with eight Aero 218 subwoofers. The system performance was confirmed by Manish Mavani, "The event was an all around success, including the technical aspect." The comments on the line array were very positive. "With eight units per side, coverage and power were impressive". The audio technicians for the event were Ramdas Kalaskar as P.A. engineer, Pramod Vetkar on monitors, and Rohit Sharma, P. Muttukrishnan, Jaganth Nikam and Arvind Jaiswal handling the set up and rigging.

The extensive experience accumulated by Sound & Light Professionals, also known as "SNL Pro", since its beginning in 1999, as well as the high satisfaction rate of its clients and the quality of the audiovisual material used on its projects has placed the firm in a top position among audio professionals in Mumbai. In this region, it is a very well known, solid audio firm that offers sound services for live events, fixed installation and rental equipment. The firm has extended its business to Bangalore, New Delhi and Goa. Manish Mavani's passion for music urged him to create Sound & Light Professionals. He started out as a disc jockey and soon discovered the best of what the audio industry had to offer. At present, Sound & Light Professionals has a staff of 40 technicians and engineers. "We always maintain perfection as our principle, our philosophy is based on guidance through "our clients hearing" who are without doubt, the best judges of production quality.

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