Aero 48 at the Mumbai Marathon

More than 50.000 people participated in this year's edition


Aero line array systems continue to provide sound reinforcement to world's large scale events. The sound provided for the Fourth edition of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) was supplied by "Sound & Light Professionals" under the direction of Manish Mavani using the Aero 48 systems. The Mumbia Marathon is considered one of the world's ten most popular marathons and draws a large professional participation of international athletes. .

Two arrays were flown at each side of the start and finish lines. Each was composed of four Aero 48 units and provided sound reinforcement for the main area of the race, a Deejay and the mandatory commercial announcements.

The system provided great performance, sonic clarity and a complete coverage of the audience areas. As Manish Mavani confirms, "The marathon was a success in all aspects, including the technical one. The Aero performed at their best, and with no problems. Comments about the line array systems were very positive and the system's range and power was impressive, even with only four units per side."

Since its beginning in 2004, the event's popularity and participation has grown, bringing together athletes, politicians, movie stars, or everyday people who just to participate in this fundraising event. The Marathon has become an example for the country's other events due to its popularity and excellent organization.

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