Aero 38 at the FIBA Eurocup

The equipment was supplied by 'FSD Electronics Ltd.," D.A.S. distributor for Cyprus


The Fiba Eurocup All Star was held recently in the city of Lemesos in Cyprus. The event -which faces off an all-star European basketball team against teams from the rest of the world - drew more than 10.000 people to the Spyros Kyprianov Arena. The event was also broadcasted on TV world-wide. Sound rental company "Ihetiki" directed by Loris Demetriadis provided the Aero line array systems for the set of the mobile stage prepared for the event. The equipment was supplied by "FSD Electronics Ltd.," D.A.S. distributor for Cyprus.

The PA set up installed by Ihetiki comprised 16 Aero 38 mid-format line array systems designed for high level sound reinforcement applications. Eight systems were flown per side of the approximately six meter wide stage, at a height of eight meters. For low frequency reinforcement, seven Aero 182's were ground stacked at each side of the stage. The entire PA system as well as the monitors were powered by Camco amplifiers from the Vortex series.

Signal control and routing was handled by DBX digital signal processors and a Soundcraft Series 5 mixer. "The clarity of sound, the public enthusiasm and the world wide TV broadcasting of the event guaranteed the success of the FIBA Eurocup" says Sotos Georgious, director of FSD Electronics. The visual mise-en-scène included moving heads that filled the pavilion with light and color, along with the presence of Russian and American cheerleaders which gave the final touch to this spectacle.

The Fibacup ´All Star´ has only been the appetizer for the ´Final Four´ competition - the semi finals in which the performances of the Spanish teams Akasvayu Girona and the MMT Estudiantes were at stake. Again, the teams will be fighting for the title the Spanish DKV Joventud won last year.

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