Aero 28A at Las Gabias Centre

Inaugurated in 2007, its 1,400 square meters are equipped with D.A.S. Aero 28A


The town of Las Gabias in Granada, Spain, is home to the Siglo XXI Cultural Centre, featuring a magnificent, modern, 400-seat theater-auditorium. sound reinforcement systems, facilitating the centre's use as a venue for theatrical performances, conferences and concerts as well as local carnival celebrations. Rising between the district's rich lowlands and drylands, eight kilometers from the capital Granada, the town of Las Gabias incorporates the former villages of Gabia Grande, Gabia Chica, Híjar and their residential areas, currently totalling over 10,000 inhabitants who thrive on their local creative arts scene.

The town's cultural activities program is suitable for everyone and includes plastic arts workshops, featuring drawing, painting, ceramics and photography as well as performing arts such as theater workshops which are all hosted by the Siglo XXI Cultural Centre. The sound system installation uses D.A.S. model Aero 28A powered line array systems to cover the dimensions of the stage and audience area. Four Aero 28A units were flown on each side of the stage, below one CA-215A unit, ensuring optimum low frequency reinforcement to accommodate musical performance of all genres. The key to the installation's great versatility and ease of use is the self-powered systems that adapt perfectly to the hall's theatrical performances, musicals, or any other type of cultural recreational activities. The Siglo XXI Cultural Centre in Las Gabias takes pride in its sound reinforcement system which is every bit on par with its magnificent facilities and prestigious cultural agenda.

Celebrated theaters including the Coliseum in Belgium and the Theater-Circus in Albacete, auditoriums such as the Taichung University Auditorium in Korea, the Pilar Bardem in Madrid as well as the cultural centres of Artica and Lodosa in Navarre, not to mention the Monor Convention Centre in Hungary are all equipped with D.A.S. powered line array systems. This all goes to show that the inhabitants of Las Gabias can be very proud of all their generous cultural, sporting and social facilities, but more especially their cultural centre with its multi-use main function hall.

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