Aero 28A at La Casilla Arena

Undoubtedly Bilbao's most charismatic arena


D.A.S. Audio's Aero line array systems have been used for the sound system at La Casilla Arena in Bilbao. The arena is home to the Bilbao Lagun Aro basketball team which plays in the demanding ACB (Asociación de Clubes de Baloncesto) league. It is undoubtedly the most charismatic arena with the greatest tradition in Bilbao and looks magnificent when the stands are packed with spectators every weekend enjoying passion-filled battles between Spain's best basketball teams.

The installation, which was carried out by the sound system company Soinua, led by Jorge de la Torre, consists of two line array formations of Aero 28A self-powered line array systems, each one made up of four CA-28A units, in tandem with two CA-215A subwoofers for low frequency support. These systems are essential in arenas like this where reverberation makes intelligibility difficult.

Line array systems provide uniform sound distribution because it is possible to vary the splay angles of each one of the units in the system, helping to minimize this problem with improved aiming. This same obstacle can be found in much large number of sports centers of this kind where the acoustic conditioning for improved sound was not considered a priority in the design of sports facilities.

La Casilla Arena belongs to the Bilbao City Government's Institute of Sport and is situated in a square bearing the same name. Opened in 1967, it seats 5200 people and is mainly used for sport although all types of musical and cultural events take place there, including concerts, festivals, sports and political campaign meetings among others.

The fact that it is mainly used as the home ground of the Lagun Aro Bilbao basketball team, which has 4200 season ticket holders and which has been among the national basketball elite since 2004, makes it the type of venue where unforgettable duels have been fought between teams such a Barcelona, Unicaja, Tau Vitoria or Real Madrid, among others.

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