Aero 12A demo in Singapur

D.A.S. Audio has made a great effort to present the new Aero 12A


D.A.S. Audio recently presented its new Aero 12A powered line array system to their Asia-Pacific clients in Singapore. The demo attended by more than 60 industry professionals, was headed by Ron Koh, D.A.S. Audio Asia´s technical manager. The local company CSP Productions, expert in organizing large live events, also participated in the presentation.

There was nothing small about the demo held in Fort Canning Park. A total of 24 Aero 12A systems and 12 LX-218A subwoofer units were used. Ten Aero 12A systems were placed in two arrays on each side of the stage and the four remaining systems were ground stacked on a PL-12S metal dolly in the centre. The LX-218A subwoofer systems were stacked in two blocks of six units each in front of the stage. The system was completed using the new D.A.S. DSP-2060 digital signal processor.

The attendees, among whom were D.A.S. clients and audio industry professionals from Singapore, could test on-site the advantages and impressive transport and mounting possibilities of the new D.A.S. Aero 12A line arrays. Ron Koh was also on hand to respond to all the technical questions asked by the demo´s participants.

Eduardo López, D.A.S. Audio Asia´s Operation Manager, highlighted that "D.A.S. Audio has made a great effort to present the new compact Aero 12A line array in Asia. We wanted to present the Aero 12A line to show the full potential of this equipment that is being so well received in other parts of the world. We decided to do a live demo for customers in the area, as well as other potential clients and colleagues in the professional audio industry. The result was as expected and all attendees were very satisfied with this new system which, along with the LX-218A subwoofer, we are convinced will become an industry benchmark."

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