Aero 12 wins in Cyprus

Comments by the sound technicians were very positive in regards to the new Aero 12A


The opening ceremony of the "XIII Games of the Small States of Europe" was held at Cyprus´s Olympic Stadium last June 1st under a blazing Cyprus sky. The multi-sport competition - in which countries with a population of less than a million people can participate - has been organised by the National Olympic Committee of eight small European states since 1985. Andorra, Cyprus, Iceland, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, San Marino and Liechtenstein participated in this year´s games, and the opening ceremony was televised worldwide and seen by an estimated four million viewers.

The games were celebrated in Cyprus again after being held on the island twenty years ago. "FSD Electronics Ltd.", D.A.S. distributor in Cyprus managed by Andreas Georgiou, was in charge of all audiovisuals for the event. Georgiou chose to extensively deploy D.A.S. sound systems around the entire stadium.

Specifically, the equipment distributed around the stadium was made up of four Aero 38 stacks. Each stack consisted of an Aero 182 plus three Aero 38 sound systems for the first tier of stands, two Aero12A towers (8 cabinets per tower) to cover the upper part of the first tier and two Aero 28 towers to cover the side tiers, made up of 16 CA-28A self-powered line array systems paired with four CA-215A speakers to cover the low frequencies. D.A.S. Sound Touring series systems were used to backup the P.A. system on the field.

An event of this magnitude called for Joan La Roda, D.A.S. Audio Sound Engineer, to travel to the island as a support technician. "One of my responsibilities was to adjust the delays of each system so that all sound reached the public at the same time. Comments made by the event´s sound technicians were extremely positive in regards to the new Aero 12A line array directed to the highest part of the tiers," assures La Roda, "especially in terms of the equipment´s clarity and sound pressure." The new Aero 12A compact line arrays were noteworthy, as well as the design of its 600 W amplifier that uses 3rd generation Class D technology.

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