Accenture Annual Convention

The guests were treated to an audiovisual show with water as the main theme


The U.S. consulting firm, Accenture recently held its annual convention in Spain in the city of Valencia. The events that took place at the Balneario las Arenas Hotel culminated with a gala dinner at the spectacular City of Arts and Sciences. , well accompanied by D.A.S. Aero sound systems.

The water, light and sound show was set up at one of the artificial lakes beside the Prince Philip Science Museum where a reception area was organized to welcome attendees with a glass of wine. The show's viewing area was equipped with two line arrays, employing D.A.S. powered Aero 28A systems.

Eight Aero 28A units were ground-stacked in two arrays of four units on each side of the viewing area. Two CA-215A subwoofer units were added to each array, providing optimum low frequency reinforcement throughout the show's music program. The end result guaranteed uniform sound coverage across the entire, vast reception area.

D.A.S. Aero powered line array systems have proven to be a powerful ally at corporate events where versatility and ease of use are paramount. They ensure perfect coverage at any type of corporate event indoors, in open-air areas, covered arenas, theatres or function rooms. Aero systems are without a doubt, truly accomplished and easy to use systems with a wide scope of use.

Big names in finance and the business world were among the hundreds of Accenture guests who relished an interesting day and evening spectacular at this truly unique location, designed by the world famous architect, Santiago Calatrava.

The prestigious US consulting firm, Accenture, boasts in excess of 185,000 employees and offices in 120 countries worldwide. Their clients are companies in all economic sectors including public administration.

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