AA Arena Xfinity East Plaza

D.A.S. Audio at the Xfinity East Plaza of American Airlines Arena





Located along Miami’s scenic Biscayne Bay, AmericanAirlines Arena is home to the NBA’s Miami Heat basketball team while also serving as a leading venue for concerts and a variety of other attractions. The facility’s East side area serves a wide range of activities and its management recently decided to upgrade the sound reinforcement capabilities and, since D.A.S. Audio already has a commanding presence inside the arena, who could possibly be better suited to the task? Hence, the Xfinity East Plaza is now home to another D.A.S. system.

Dave Vickery, Director of Broadcast Services, and Jorge Arronte, Manager of Sound, are the two HEAT Group staffers tasked with designing, deploying, and overseeing the use of the various audio and video systems at AmericanAirlines Arena. After evaluating the requirements of the Xfinity East Plaza project, they elected to deploy D.A.S. Audio’s flagship Aero 50 line array elements, LX-218CR subwoofers, Road Series 12A and 15A stage monitors, plus WR-6415 point source loudspeakers. Vickery and Arronte both shared their thoughts about the project and their selection of loudspeakers.

“We use the space for a wide variety of events, including corporate meetings, live concerts, DJ performances, and Miami Heat Road Rallies, Arronte explained. “In years past, we rented sound systems to accommodate large events, but with the addition of the new roofing structure over the East Plaza, we felt it was the right time to invest in a quality concert size loudspeaker setup. The sound system is located outdoors under a large solar canopy. Distributed throughout the space are multiple delay speakers mounted to the surrounding columns—adding a full body sound that complements the main cluster loudspeaker array.”

“For our main system, we flew four Aero 50s coupled with a single LX-218CR sub for the left and right sides. Our delay system loudspeakers—thirty-four WR-6415 enclosures— are mounted with custom stainless steel compression bands to the columns that D.A.S. engineers in Spain developed for us to ensure the proper loudspeaker angle given the elevation of the structural columns. Completing the setup, we have two Road 15A and eight Road 12A powered stage monitors.

When queried about those D.A.S. characteristics that made this group of products ideal for the project, Arronte coments, “For our location, which includes low ceiling, long throw, and a limited ability to incorporate multiple subs due to the height limits, the Aero 50 and LX-218CR combination was the right choice. The quality, even at low levels, is impeccable and transparent—enabling even the softest sound to be heard clearly.”


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