2014 Cadena Dial Awards

D.A.S. Audio at the 2014 Cadena Dial Awards Ceremony





D.A.S. professional sound systems were on hand at the recent Cadena Dial Awards ceremony celebrated at Tenerife’s Exhibition Center in March. More than 4,500 guests packed the house for the event, which recognized the best in Spanish-language music in 2014 and featured performances by the award winners themselves, including big-name international artists like Miguel Bosé, Alejandro Sanz, Laura Pausini, David Bisbal and Sergio Dalma.

The Cadena Dial Awards ceremony is one of the oldest in Spain and has annually celebrated successful Spanish-language artists for 19 years. Event organizers called in Madrid-based sound company Fluge to handle the sound for this year’s ceremony. Fluge has worked hand-in-hand with D.A.S. Audio in recent years, and Events Engineer Joel Damiano was once again onsite to provide technical support for the set up and adjustment of the massive system rolled out for this much-anticipated event.

A total of 24 D.A.S. Aero 40A Advanced Line Array (ALAS™) were put into service for a main PA; these robust systems were rigged on either side of the stage in two linear hangs of 12 units each. Low frequency support was provided by 18 high-performance, powered D.A.S. subwoofers, stacked in two equal blocks under the hangs in a classic left/right configuration.

The Aero 40As and the subwoofers were configured using the DASnet™ remote control and management system, which sends signals and communicates with other devices over a local RS485 network, making it the ideal solution for this type of set up. Six powered D.A.S. Convert 15A systems handled down fill duties and were paired with 12 Convert 12A systems for front fill to ensure flawless sound for the first rows of the audience.

The system was rounded out with a small army of powered D.A.S. Road 12A and Road 15A stage monitors, distributed across the stage to meet the needs of the different artists.

The ceremony, which celebrated the best in Spanish music in 2014, was especially noteworthy this year as it coincided with the 25th anniversary of Cadena Dial on the airwaves. A veritable who’s who of Spanish music took to the stage over the three-hour ceremony to perform their latest hits, including an exclusive performance by Alejandro Sanz of his newest song, the chart-topping “Un zombie a la intemperie (A Zombie and the Weather)”.

Photos: Cadenal Dial


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