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D.A.S. Audio's YouTube channel has over a million views





D.A.S. Audio’s YouTube channel has exceeded the impressive million-view milestone in recent weeks. The channel, created by the company in 2010, shares an extensive selection of videos on D.A.S. products, the company’s manufacturing processes, D.A.S. seminars held worldwide, spectacular system set-ups at major international festivals and other company-related information.

The official D.A.S. Audio channel, DASAudioSpain, also boasts over 3,300 loyal subscribers who regularly receive the new videos the company uploads. D.A.S. Audio has invested heavily in promoting its YouTube channel, well aware that the massive popularity of social media in recent years makes the platform a tool for companies to publicize their technical, commercial and marketing news.

The extensive range of videos is available to both subscribers and the general public and is divided into various sections, including the ALAS™ (Advanced Line Array System) section,   dedicated to the cutting-edge Aero 40A. It also features the Live section, where viewers can watch videos of the best live shows worldwide brought to life with D.A.S. Audio systems. The company’s latest creations and its design, production and assembly processes are discussed in the Products section.

One of the channel’s most popular sections is dedicated to seminars. Here the company has uploaded a series of technical conferences held around the world in collaboration with D.A.S. Audio’s international distributors. The Company section is also of particular interest for viewers who want to find out more about the latest D.A.S. news.

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