Documents about discontinued Systems (2004-2008).

The Aero series systems bring the benefits of true line array performance to a wide range of applications in both portable and fixed-venue installations. The easy to fly systems feature lightweight enclosures, integral rigging mechanisms and proprietary components designed for the Aero series.

The Artec series full range systems have been designed to provide wide bandwidth and high SPL in a visually discrete package. The ideal choice for under balcony, area fill and near field applications in hotels, restaurants and convention facilities.

The challenge:Design a series of portable systems using the most advanced audio technologies available. The objective:Provide the systems users with awesome power, exceptional performance and unprecedented simplicity. The answer:The D.A.S. Avant series.

The D.A.S Compact Series comprises a range of self-powered systems designed for high sound pressure levels and exceptional sound quality. State-of-the-art power amplification, control electronics and transducer components have been engineered into a compact electro-acoustic package.

The Convert series of powered, multifunction systems combines D.A.S.’s reputation for performance and reliability with the latest technological innovations offering users an unmatched level of versatility.

The DR series combines design with function, achieving a product that redefines the meaning of reliability, sound quality and efficiency in compact sound reinforcement enclosures. They are especially appropriate in any sound reinforcement application requiring a lightweight, compact solution.

The DR Series has been revamped to provide more power, more performance and one of the most competitive offers in the audio market. The new, twin channel Class D amplifier package provides 1000 W peak power with extended bandwidth, improved dynamic range and exceptionally low distortion.

With more than 30 years of intense activity in the world of audio, D.A.S. has acquired a vast know-how in the design and manufacture of loudspeaker systems. The MI series is tough and reliable, using the same advanced technology found on all D.A.S. professional sound products.

The Pf series combines the quality and design that has made D.A.S. so well known, with the latest hi-tech improvements in speaker design. The result is a series of enclosures that are high output and designed to give you the same high quality performance of our large sound touring systems.

For almost 20 years the Reference series has been a key part of the D.A.S. Product line. Whether it be in permanent installations or in mobile systems, the Reference series has won the respect of our clients the world over thanks to their exceptional performance and steadfast reliability.

D.A.S. stage monitors are designed to enhance the artist’s performance and consequently the success of the event. Two series of monitors are availableThe SM and the low-profile SML series. The monitors have compact dimensions, a functional design and high performance.

When the application requires increased bass response, the D.A.S. subwoofer systems are the answer. The wide range of versions allow for multiple configurations, with or without the need for extra amplifiers.

The Variant Installation Array brings the unique advantages of the powered line array to the world’s small to mid-sized venues. The ultra-compact design of the Variant is ideal for use as a main system in theaters, houses of worship or corporate events.

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