The company grows and expands its product line to meet market challenges. Meanwhile, internal demands require more personnel, more space and more investment. A new factory on the outskirts of Valencia, six product lines addressing the gamut of sound reinforcement applications and a solid network of both national and international distributors are the result of a decade of tenacious effort.

The 80′s were marked by the enhancement of speaker design and the development of sound systems designed for use in discotheques and live concerts. Both indoors and outdoors D.A.S. products become an integral part of the entertainment scene.

D.A.S. loudspeakers and compression drivers earn an enviable reputation world-wide for performance and reliability. They incorporate the latest advances in transducer design and manufacture. State of the art coil winding technologies, the use of composite adhesives and efficient cooling schemes make D.A.S. components the choice of systems builders.

Spain becomes an important stop on the tour itineraries of major international music stars consolidating live concerts as mass events. D.A.S. systems play an active role in providing live sound engineers with the primary tools needed to solve the problems of mobile sound reinforcement.


A skilled labour force dedicated to achieving the highest level of sound quality, performance, reliability and design is responsible for the success of D.A.S. product. Additional production capacity is necessary and in 1986 a new manufacturing facility is inaugurated.

By the end of the decade, D.A.S. is experimenting with novel manufacturing techniques. High-pressure injection moulding of loudspeaker enclosures using lightweight materials such as mineral loaded polypropylene would give D.A.S. an important competitive advantage in the 90′s.

The decade of the 80′s is one of diversification, of implementing the lessons learned and of pilgrimage through world markets. A decade of strengthening the foundations on which would be built one of the worlds leading loudspeaker manufacturers.

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