A star is born in a small audio laboratory on the Calle del Mar in Valencia, Spain. The dream of a young industrial engineer named Juan Alberola becomes a reality in the form of a start-up registered under the name “Dynamic and Sound”. This name has been the energizing force behind an amazing entrepreneurial evolution.

The first “big” D.A.S. systems were designed for the budding dance club scene of the early 70′s. This expanding sector, fueled by Spain’s predominance as a European tourist destination, provided a high profile market which proved to be vital for the new-born company and its products.

D.A.S. built components were an integral part of these early systems. Cone transducers, compression driver and filter networks were all built “in-house”, empowering the company with a production capability, quality level and cost efficiency matched by only a few.


In 1971, D.A.S. sound products were exhibited at a regional trade event for the first time. Back then, the rapidly growing consumer market had the small company manufacturing loudspeaker systems designed primarily for home listening and studio monitoring.

Since its beginning, D.A.S. has always had an international projection. Tradeshows played a key role in acquiring foreign distribution. In a short period of time, ground was gained in the European market.

By 1979 the company had a workforce of over 60 employees. Sales in the local and export markets were fueled by an exceptional sound quality. 1979 was the first year D.A.S. attends the Frankfurt Musikmesse, the largest international trade event of it’s kind.

The decade of the 70′s is one of initiation, of learning and of the first footsteps in international markets. A decade of immense change and of breathtaking growth that positions D.A.S. as one of the “up and coming” companies of the European audio scene.


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