After 40 years of business in the demanding sound industry, D.A.S. Audio continues to advance in the use of cutting-edge technology in the design and manufacture of its products. D.A.S. Audio’s Engineering Department designs the company’s sound systems, amplifier electronics, all related parts and loudspeaker components such as, loudspeakers, compression drivers, and horns, amplifiers, etc.

Consequently, there are several combined disciplines, each of which uses state-of-the-art technological tools through the different stages of the manufacturing process.

Electronics: Circuit simulation software helps to design amplifiers, measure and analyze the electric response, and use digital signal processors.

D.A.S. PCB design

Mechanics: Virtual 3D modelling software determines the strain and stress values of the components, and accelerometers are used to measure vibration and noise levels. Fast prototyping technologies are also used to see today, the products of tomorrow.

Magnetics: Finite element magnetic simulation software is used to determine the dimensions of the loudspeakers’ magnetic circuits.

Acoustics: Boundary element method and finite element method software simulates the loudspeakers’ acoustic response. Computer applications are also used to tune the system and predict other loudspeaker performance parameters. Anechoic chamber measurements and analysis are particularly useful in determining system frequency response, dispersion curves, harmonic distortion, etc.

Project Design: Also important is the use of EASE Focus software for the design of sound installation projects. This two-dimensional sound simulation and prediction program helps configure sound systems from the Aero y Variant series. Based on geometric data regarding the sound areas and the type of enclosure used, the software automatically provides a solution with appropriate splay angles and aiming parameters.

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