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- Powered compact subwoofer system
- 1800 W Class “D” amplifier
- “Cardioid Preset” button
- Two 12LXN long-excursion loudspeakers
- 6th order band-pass configuration

The LX-212A is a powered dual 12″ 6th order band-pass subwoofer designed for use with the Aero 8A. Thanks to the compact dimensions of the LX-212A, it is ideally suited for applications where enclosure size is a problem. The LX-212A employs the new 12LXN long excursion loudspeaker which incorporates a new 100 mm (4”) inside/outside voice coil design.

The LX-212A incorporates a 1800 W Class D amplifier with switch mode power supply (SMPS) and digital signal processing (DSP).The amplifier has a Cardioid Preset mode switch which offers specific signal treatment for easy set-up of pairs of systems in cardioid subwoofer applications. The system includes two balanced inputs (A-B) with stereo filtered output connections for satellite systems. The variable crossover ranges from 100 Hz-160 Hz and can be defeated to offer stereo “loop thru” connections. A gain control and polarity reverse feature increase user control over the system.

The enclosure of the LX-212A is constructed of 18 mm birch plywood finished with the durable Iso-Flex black paint. The LX-212A can be upgraded to the “R” rigging versions by way of the optional KITR-LX212. A pole mount socket located on the top panel provides flexibility when using satellite systems.

Technical Data
Nominal LF Amplifier Power1800 W Class D
Frequency Range (-10 dB)45 Hz -138 Hz
Rated Peak SPL at 1 m136 dB
ConnectorsINPUT: 2 x Female XLR
AC Requirements115 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
230 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Current Draw (1/3 power @ 230 V)3 A
Enclosure MaterialBirch Plywood
Color/FinishBlack or White/Iso-Flex paint
Dimensions (H x W x D)48.8 x 48 x 87 cm
19.2 x 18.9 x 34.3 in
Weight49 kg (107.8 lb)
LX-212/LX-212A 2D Drawing
53 KB
Photo LX-212/LX-212A
Hi Resolution, 1 MB
LX-212/LX-215 User Manual


EFO Data Aero, Variant Series

Data files for Ease Focus V.1, 751 KB

GLL Data

Data files for Ease Focus V.2, Ease 4.3, 38 MB
Aero, Convert, Variant, Event Series Data

EASE Focus Software V1.62

V1.62; 3 MB (v4.1 & v8.11 Data included)

EASE Focus Software V2.2.2

54 MB, V2.2.2 EASE Focus & Data Aero, Convert, Variant.

LX-212A/LX-212RA Spec Sheet
English, 145 KB

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